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Our aim at Happy and Healthy Mind is to deliver actionable tips for mental fitness through the lens of real-life stories. We encourage you to share either your personal narrative or a compelling story from one of the clients you've assisted.

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1. Why/how did this topic become important for you?

2. Before and After story: Can you share the challenges that you (or your client) faced before applying the tools that you’re going to teach us?

3. How did your (your client’s) life change after applying all the tools?

4. Can you share some of the practical tools with our audience? 10-15 min. Teach in a discussion style, asking questions and engaging the viewers. I will be your live audience.

5. Do you have a gift for our audience? (value added product – usually a document related to discussed topic) that we can add to our resources and has a link for people to reach you (if you are an author, give a worksheet or chapter from your book).

6. How can people learn more about you and your work? You can share one link of the service or product you want to promote.

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MD Psychiatrist | Resilience Coach | Corporate Speaker | Bestselling Author | Podcast Host

As an Executive Coach, Corporate Speaker, and Integrative Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Rozina has helped hundreds of high-achievers achieve more for making a bigger impact and income without stress-induced burnout and have guided them in getting the right tools and action plans in place to become happy, productive, and healthy leader in all aspects of life.

Her best-selling book "Stress to Joy" has helped many people achieve balance in life and restore their peace of mind through simple and proven strategies that they can do within minutes.

She’s also the medical director at Shifa Health and podcast host of the show “Happy and Healthy Mind” which aims to bring tools for stress management, burnout reduction, and treatment of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

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